Daniel was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, on January 8, 1977.
Daniel learn photography at Malaysia from one of fine art Master from Brooks Institute of Photography USA who concern about Ansel Adams’s Black & White zone systems.

For Daniel photography is about imagination, emotion and trying to put a little of your soul into every picture you take. It really doesn’t matter what gear you have. He always imagine what I want to say in each of the pictures. Creating a real picture becomes unreal in his camera this is what he love about photography.

Daniel believe We all experience life from our own perspective and we are each the combination of our emotional experiences. This means that no two people will emotionally experience the world in the same way. It is always interesting to see how your audience responds to your images, but you should always stay true to your own imagination and soul. To tell your own story …

Daniel now as a freelance photographer in Indonesia and make an order for commercial shoot. He also as a guest speaker in many photography event in Indonesia and doing a Black & White Photography Workshop around Indonesia.

For information about print and invitation please send your email to

danieltjongari@gmail.com / danieltjongari@outlook.com


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